The Adelaar is a perfect choice for the intrepid diver seeking a luxury liveaboard experience or for a small group of friends looking for a customized itinerary. Comfortably accommodating up to 8 guests, the Adelaar offers signature fixed departure trips for 10 nights/11 days from Bali to the emerald isles of Komodo. Trips run between March to December, and include visits to a variety of islands along the way.

Vessel Dutch Schooner
Length 38.7 m
Crew 10
Guest Capacity 8
Cabins 4
Ideal Choice for Diving



Cruise the glistening waters with a chilled drink in hand as you take in the stunning surrounds of Bali in style! The Aicon 56 is a glamorous 56 foot fly bridge triple-deck Italian yacht. This magnificent Italian crafted vessel is like having your own luxury apartment on the water. She provides ample room to relax in the sun or shade over her 3 decks.

Vessel Luxury Motor Yacht
Length 17,5 m
Crew 3
Guest Capacity 4 + 2 (up to 14 for day charters)
Cabins 2+1
Ideal Choice for Diving | Fishing | Surfing and Exploring | Day Charters for up to 12 people or Sunset charters for up to 14 people | Romantic charters for pre/post wedding shoots | Day cruises for bridal couples and guests | Private dinner cruising and pre wedding events



Amanikan is a custom-built coastal cruiser that fuses the romance of traditional spice trading vessels with the comfort of all the modern amenities you could need to ensure your stay on board exceeds your expectations. Amanikan offers guests the adventure of a lifetime exploring the pristine wilderness and waters of Indonesia’s archipelago.

Vessel Coastal Cruiser
Length 32 m
Crew 6
Guest Capacity 6
Cabins 3
Ideal Choice for Diving | Fishing | Surfing and Exploring



Dream of adventures into the wilderness aboard your own pirate ship? If yes, Ananda is the boat for you! She is a traditional Phinisi boat recently under new ownership and has subsequently been refurbished and launched again in 2014. Ananda offers fabulous comfort for small groups of family or friends who are looking for unforgettable vacation experiences while aboard a sailing vessel that is reminiscent of the old romantic sail boats that traveled along the Spice Routes that were so famous in these parts centuries ago.

Vessel Traditional Phinisi Schooner
Length 28.35m
Crew 6
Guest Capacity 6
Cabins 3 double cabins and 1 single cabin
Ideal Choice for Exploration | Cruising | Diving Trips



Fully reconditioned, Anne Judith II serves as a unique expedition vessel for Indonesian Archipelago surf, dive and fishing charters. Anne Judith II is a North Sea drifter designed by the British admiralty to serve in the Royal Navy which was privately purchased after decommissioning and refitted to suit the modern day charter market.

Vessel North Sea Drifter
Length 24m
Crew 5
Guest Capacity 5
Cabins 3 (2 double cabins and 1 cabin with 4 x single beds)
Ideal Choice for Surf | Snorkeling | Fishing | Island Exploring



Calico Jack is a newly built and beautifully hand-made traditional Indonesian sailing boat. Built from the finest tropical sustainable forest hardwoods, to the highest standards, by the master builders of Sulawesi, the Calico Jack blends the best of traditional with modern amenities and green technology.

Vessel Indonesian Phinisi Sailing Boat
Length 33m
Crew 11
Guest Capacity 10
Cabins 5
Ideal Choice for Watersports | Diving & Cruising



Haruku was designed and built in Australia. The concept was for a fast, efficient and comfortable platform from which to explore remote waters. Haruku is a recently refurbished and upgraded long range expedition yacht built for super comfortable cruising. This catamaran, based in Bali, has broad and spacious decks which can entertain up to 25 guests for an amazing day cruise or for a sunset party.

Vessel Catamaran
Length 22m
Crew -
Guest Capacity 6
Cabins 6
Ideal Choice for Diving | Fishing | Surfing | Exploring | Day Charters& Special Events for up to 25 people



Enjoy a tropical adventure and sail in style aboard the Mantra that could live up to anyone’s sea faring dream. The Mantra is a traditional phinisi schooner vessel designed in the classical style that harks back to the great vessels of the Bugis tribe that once rules the waves in this region and that were so visible on the old Spice Routes of the last century. Mantra is laden with nostalgia. Combining classical appeal with 21st century technology, a charter on Mantra takes you on private magical journeys of discovery around the unspoiled islands of Indonesia while enjoying maximum comfort.

Vessel Motor/Sail Yacht
Length 30m
Crew 7-8
Guest Capacity 10 (maximum 8 divers)
Cabins 3
Ideal Choice for Sailing | Diving Trips



The MatahariKu is a vessel made entirely of wood in a classical style. The ship’s decks offer generous space for guests to enjoy lounging and relaxing in the sun on the large sun loungers that are available. The upper deck of the MatahariKu, which is covered to avoid direct sun exposure, is quite unique as it offers guests onboard a 120m˛clear view in all directions. The upper deck also acts as a great entertaining area with a large dining table and easy chairs for 12 guests so that they can enjoy outside dining while admiring the beautiful passing scenery and the uninterrupted views that the ship offers in her design.

Vessel Phinisi Wooden Schooner
Length 40m
Crew 13
Guest Capacity 12
Cabins 5+2
Ideal Choice for Diving & Exploring | Adventure Trips



Mischief: the newest and by far the most spacious luxury expedition yacht within the breathtaking Indonesian Archipelago.

Beautifully hand-crafted, this superbly designed phinisi yacht can sleep 6 to 8 persons in spacious contemporary designed Staterooms. Unlike many other vessels, the primary guest accommodation aboard Mischief is on deck and therefore, guests will benefit from the wonderful panoramic views and passing scenery while cruising. Furthermore, as cabins are not confined to the hull, which is common aboard most vessels, all 3 en-suite staterooms have space that is more akin to a large hotel suite.

Vessel Expedition Phinisi
Length 30m
Crew 6
Guest Capacity 8
Cabins 4
Ideal Choice for Diving & Exploring | Adventure Trips



The Ratu Motu is an award winning, immaculately maintained, professionally operated boat that offers unforgettable charter experiences to West Sumatra or Raja Ampat for families or groups of friends looking for adventure, fishing, surfing or just relaxation time. Should you wish to have your surf charter documented in particular, this can easily be arranged with one of the most respected and prolific surf photographers currently in surfing. Please ask us for further details and a quote.

Vessel Twin Screw ocean passenger cruising vessel
Length 34m
Crew 12
Guest Capacity 18 max
Cabins  8 x en-suite double cabins and 1 x en-suite cabin with 2 bunk beds
Ideal Choice for Watersports | Fishing | Surfing | Exploring Trips



Let us introduce you to your skipper, David Pagliari. David is also the owner and operator of the Shakti. Under Dave´s instruction, Shakti was built in Tanah Beru, a small village about 4 hours South East from Makasar. Dave spent a considerably long time thinking through all the little details for the boat interior, not to mention the machinery, electronics and navigation tools. Dave’s dream was ultimately realized with the launch of Shakti in 2001.

Vessel Phinisi Schooner
Length 32m
Crew 8
Guest Capacity 10
Cabins  6
Ideal Choice for Diving | Adventure & Exploring Trips



Tiger Blue is a traditional timber constructed phinisi yacht which sails around the stunning islands of Eastern Indonesia. A holiday aboard the Tiger Blue is full of unforgettable moments, be it finding dragons on the Komodo Islands, searching for birds of paradise in West Papua or snorkelling with huge manta rays then kayaking over coral gardens in Raja Ampat.

Vessel Phinisi Yacht
Length 34m
Crew 10
Guest Capacity 12 adults + 2 small children
Cabins  5
Ideal Choice for Diving | Fishing | Watersports | Exploring the islands




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