Indonesia lures surfers from around the globe. It is the ultimate surfer’s paradise as the surf in Indonesia is arguably some of the best in the world due to its incredible variety of surf for all levels and the swell.

If you dream of empty palm lined sugar white beaches, perfect barrels, bamboo beach huts with a cold beer in hand, Indonesia’s wave gardens will certainly not disappoint! Some of the IYC Adventures fleet of boats are able to take you to some of the best spots in the world. The bonus is that as you have chosen a surfing yacht charter and not a surf camp, you are ensured a good night’s rest floating under the tropical night sky to recharge for the next day of excitement when you have finished relaying your day’s tales over dinner on deck.

Indonesia’s islands offer too many great surf spots to count! As a taster, you can expect the following selection of islands to offer you a serious adrenalin rush:

Bali, the Island of the Gods, is the epicenter of Indonesian surfing as the waves here offer something for everyone: advanced surfers can revel in some of the most intense left handed in the world and beginners can find soft sand beach breaks and a perfect setting for their first attempts at surfing. Surf in Bali is generally excellent all year round. A great choice to start your surf charter, perhaps staying at one of our villas, and then move on further a field by boat charter to the less populated islands and waves.

Lombok, close to Bali, is the jewel in the surf crown due as this is where you find the legendary ‘Desert Point’; possibly the best wave in the world. When all the elements come together, this apparently never ending, freight train left hander offers tube rides of up to 20 seconds. Lombok’s surf breaks are truly breathtaking which justify Lombok as a year-round surfing destination.

If you seek another nerve wracking thrill, we can take you to Java’s most famous wave, known as G-Land or Grajagan which is commonly reached via boat charter.

If your dream of the archetypal tropical island consists of jungle that leads to wide sugar white sandy beaches and large beautiful bays with little fishing villages, then Sumbawa is the place for you! Sumbawa is remote and sparsely populated, mainly accessed by boat and therefore, relatively untouched with some epic surf to the west and south of the island or, in Central Sumbawa, you will find Lakey Peak. Many of the epic waves here have never features in any magazines so with zero publicity, you can expect to surf with just your friends! Local waves considered firm favorites with the thrill seekers amongst you are: Super Suck, Big Brother, Scar Reef, Little Bingin, Donuts, Yoyos and there are a few other secret spots on offer also.

A boat trip to West Sumatra, which lies west of Bali, is a dream for any surfer. It is surfing perfection in fact. Packed with great waves, stunning scenery…and more great quality waves with awesome swell guaranteed, that regularly reaches 6-12 ft, between March and November in particular. Most of Sumatra’s surfing spots are for experienced wave riders, though if you are a beginner looking for a good beach break, Air Manis Beach in West Sumatra, just south of Padang, is the place to head.

There are simply too many more choices to list but you can be sure that a surfing charter with IYC Adventures will most certainly not disappoint!

Our Choice of Boats for Watersports:


Cruise the glistening waters with a chilled drink in hand as you take in the stunning surrounds of Bali in style! The Aicon 56 is a glamorous 56 foot fly bridge triple-deck Italian yacht. This magnificent Italian crafted vessel is like having your own luxury apartment on the water. She provides ample room to relax in the sun or shade over her 3 decks.

Vessel Luxury Motor Yacht
Length 17,5 m
Crew 3
Guest Capacity 4 + 2 (up to 14 for day charters)
Cabins 2+1
Ideal Choice for Diving | Fishing | Surfing and Exploring | Day Charters for up to 12 people or Sunset charters for up to 14 people | Romantic charters for pre/post wedding shoots | Day cruises for bridal couples and guests | Private dinner cruising and pre wedding events



Calico Jack is a newly built and beautifully hand-made traditional Indonesian sailing boat. Built from the finest tropical sustainable forest hardwoods, to the highest standards, by the master builders of Sulawesi, the Calico Jack blends the best of traditional with modern amenities and green technology.

Vessel Indonesian Phinisi Sailing Boat
Length 33m
Crew 11
Guest Capacity 10
Cabins 5
Ideal Choice for Watersports | Diving & Cruising



Tiger Blue is a traditional timber constructed phinisi yacht which sails around the stunning islands of Eastern Indonesia. A holiday aboard the Tiger Blue is full of unforgettable moments, be it finding dragons on the Komodo Islands, searching for birds of paradise in West Papua or snorkelling with huge manta rays then kayaking over coral gardens in Raja Ampat.

Vessel Phinisi Yacht
Length 34m
Crew 10
Guest Capacity 12 adults + 2 small children
Cabins  5
Ideal Choice for Diving | Fishing | Watersports | Exploring the islands



The Ratu Motu is an award winning, immaculately maintained, professionally operated boat that offers unforgettable charter experiences to West Sumatra or Raja Ampat for families or groups of friends looking for adventure, fishing, surfing or just relaxation time. Should you wish to have your surf charter documented in particular, this can easily be arranged with one of the most respected and prolific surf photographers currently in surfing. Please ask us for further details and a quote.

Vessel Twin Screw ocean passenger cruising vessel
Length 34m
Crew 12
Guest Capacity 18 max
Cabins  8 x en-suite double cabins and 1 x en-suite cabin with 2 bunk beds
Ideal Choice for Watersports | Fishing | Surfing | Exploring Trips



Fully reconditioned, Anne Judith II serves as a unique expedition vessel for Indonesian Archipelago surf, dive and fishing charters. Anne Judith II is a North Sea drifter designed by the British admiralty to serve in the Royal Navy which was privately purchased after decommissioning and refitted to suit the modern day charter market.

Vessel North Sea Drifter
Length 24m
Crew 5
Guest Capacity 5
Cabins 3 (2 double cabins and 1 cabin with 4 x single beds)
Ideal Choice for Surf | Snorkeling | Fishing | Island Exploring




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