You will have an incredible adventure simply traveling on any one of the IYC Adventures boat charters around the islands of Indonesian Archipelago!

Here are just a few ideas of what you can expect to do and see besides diving, surfing, fishing or playing about in the water:

  • Climb a volcano and admire the crater lakes or see one erupt every 30 minutes while drinking a cold beer on deck!
  • Search for natural waterfalls and lagoons on the islands
  • Meet the locals and enjoy watching some traditional dancing perhaps
  • Wander around the local villages and markets on some of the islands that sell everything from local arts, hand-made crafts to spices and fruit.
  • Admire nature in its natural habitat in both nature reserves or in the wild. Water buffalo’s, Komodo dragons, monkeys, sea eagles, deer, variety of exotic birds or the amazing variety of tropical flora and fauna including plenty of laden fruit trees and wild orchids are just a few of the thrills you can expect to see.
  • See the display of the thousands of flying fox bats that migrate every evening for feeding at Kalong Island near Komodo.
  • Investigate spectacular bays, unexplored caves, lagoons and white, black and pink beaches, pristine blue mangroves, ancient rock art
  • Enjoy trekking, hiking, climbing excursions
  • Witness age old ceremonies and customs amongst the diverse island communities, some of which date back thousands of years
  • Visit ancient temples and caves
  • Learn about the history of some of the islands and visit old fortresses and ports that played such an important role during the days of colonialization and World War II.
  • Explore or soak up the sun on uninhabited tropical islands
  • Watch breathtaking legendary sunsets and sun rises that have to be seen to be believed

We could continue but we think you have a good idea that you will certainly not be bored and will have to schedule some sunbathing time...!




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