Vessel North Sea Drifter
Length 24m
Crew 5
Guest Capacity 5
Cabins 3 (2 double cabins and 1 cabin with 4 x single beds)
Ideal Choice for Surf | Snorkeling | Fishing | Island Exploring
  • Available for private charter or per person
  • For Komodo trips guest can board either in Bali or Labuan Bajo and either stay in the Komodo area or sail to Komodo from Bali, or sail to Bali from Komodo


Fully reconditioned, Anne Judith II serves as a unique expedition vessel for Indonesian Archipelago surf, dive and fishing charters. Anne Judith II is a North Sea drifter designed by the British admiralty to serve in the Royal Navy which was privately purchased after decommissioning and refitted to suit the modern day charter market.

Your captain and guide is Captain Gary Burns who is a surfer as well as being a sailor. Gary has logged an impressive 140,000 sea miles over the years having sailed throughout Mexico, Central and South America and the South Pacific before arriving in Indonesia. Gary’s knowledge of the Indonesian weather, the secret surf spots and where to fish, guarantees ours guests the yacht charter adventure of their dreams! He has approximately 20 years’ experience of these waters and can ensure that you are always surfing the best waves and conditions each day.

For surfers who want to surf off the beaten track, the Anne Judith II can take you to a wide variety of totally un-crowded waves where you will be surfing with just your friends on the charter. Everything a surfer dreams about is here. There are over 30 known breaks on 17 islands with many more still to be discovered.

On a surf charter aboard the Anne Judith, expect to sail 600 miles along the Indonesian Archipelago, anchor at and surf the Gillis, Lombok, Sumba, Savu, Raijua & Little Dana, Do’a, Nendo, Rote and Timor.

There is also a newly discovered little known area with superb surf in Sumbawa where the Anne Judith II can take you. None of the waves here have featured in any magazines!! As a keen surfer, you will be very pleased to hear that very few surfers know of the existence of the waves at this particular spot that Gary can take you to.

The Anne Judith can also take you from Komodo to Rinca island and on some great snorkeling trips from Labuan Bajo on Flores.


Anne Judith II has been fully refitted and is well equipped with all modern conveniences to ensure guests enjoy their time aboard.

Guest accommodation consists of three luxurious air-conditioned cabins, one of which has 4 large single beds and the other 2 have double beds and feature an en-suite bathroom. The doubles can be split into singles for a maximum of 8 beds. There is also a full entertainment center with TV and a stereo both inside and on deck.

Gary will photo document your trip on board and in the surf for no cost.

Guests are provided with 3 meals a day fit for a king! Many previous passengers have even stated that they are amongst the best meals they have ever eaten. Expect to feast on chicken, meats, fresh seafood served with abundant veggies, rice, noodles and fresh fruits.


  • Stereo system and TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fins and Masks
  • Fishing Tackle (Comprehensive)
  • Tender: 20 ft aluminum center console with new 60 HP Yamaha




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